!!! Winter News !!!


Hi everybody,

looking forward to some nice live performances with Monk’s Casino in Moscow, playing Germany and Austria in Duo with Peter Brötzmann and HDRS in February 2015 to present our first recording
check those dates on live

New Records came out:

** HDRS “evil fingers” w/ Tristan Honsinger/Axel Dörner/Olaf Rupp/Oli Steidle on Gligg Records. Touring in February 2015. Check dates

** The scrambling Ex w/ Peter van Huffel/Andreas Willers/Oli Steidle on FMR. Touring in autumn 2015. Check dates

** SoKo Steidle “played Ellington” w/Rudi Mahall/Henrik Walsdorff/Jan Roder/Oli Steidle on Jazzwerkstatt. Touring here and there. Check dates

** Die dicken Finger feat. Peter Brötzmann “live in Berlin” w/ Peter Brötzmann/Olaf Rupp/Jan Roder/Oli Steidle on Cleanfeed. Touring in June 2015. Check dates

New Records will be made:

** Philm w/ Philipp Gropper/Elias Stemeseder/Andy Lang/Oli Steidle recording dec 2014
** Ignaz Schick & Oli Steidle recording nov 2014
** Die dicken Finger w/ Olaf Rupp/Jan Roder/Oli Steidle recording nov 2014
** Jan Frisch & Band recording dec 2014

more in 2015
See you !!

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new records will come out:

– SoKo Steidle “played Ellington” as Vinyl on Jazzwerkstatt march 2014

– HDRS Honsinger-Dörner-Rupp-Steidle, live recorded in Berlin on Gligg Records may 2014


– with Klima Kalima we will perform in Helsinki on WeJazzFestival and after in Shanghai, Peking, Shenzen at the Jim Festival China

– in berlin I will perform with “Die dicken Finger” at SUPAMOLLY, with Ignaz Schick at AUSLAND, with Hong Kong Quintett playing Monk, Herbie Nichols and improv at BFLAT, with Philm at SAXSTALL and celebrating Kalle’s birthday at BFLAT


dates in 2014:

– Die dicken Finger will go on tour together with PETER BRÖTZMANN in march/april. A live record will be released later the year

– my new band OLI STEIDLE & THE KILLING POPES will first play live in may 2014

– new PHILM record will be made in may 2014


see you !!!